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CEO | Personal Trainer | Wellness Consultant

Natasha Federico has been involved in fitness and sports her entire life, she has a passion for health and fitness and a drive to help teach others how to accomplish pinnacle health and top physical shape both mentally and physically. Natasha has been an elite athlete for over 10 years from basketball and track to rugby and currently MMA. She has coached sports teams, elite-level athletes, and other busy CEO and business owners, to the individuals who are just tired of going through the motions in their day-to-day lives and want real change. 

Natasha does not shy away from any chronic illness or pain; she has first-hand experience living with PCOS, and has experience with thyroid issues and diseases, cancer, diabetes, rosacea, and many other "limitations".  

Natasha Federico is certified through International Sports Medicine Association (ISSA) as Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. She is also a certified Silver Sneaker Instructor, mindset coach, life coach, and an EMT. 

To learn more about Coach Natasha's story, her life coaching, and just gain some knowledge and tips on how to step into your true potential be sure to check out her blog "Taking Back Your Crown".  

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